Friday, June 11, 2010

Twilight zone

Well seems like forever since I last has been crazy.....worst was last week and the start of entering what felt like the twilight zone. my middle son came home from school sick and later in the day told us he had pain in his groin...we took him to the ER and 30 min later we were in an ambulance on our ay to the childrens hospital in the city. Met by a trauma team at the door turned out my son had testicular tortion.....where the testicle twsists and cuts off blood supply. They examined him did some tests and headed up to surgery. Unfortunately it was to late and he had to have the testicle removed.....quite upsetting for a 13 yr old boy and us. Recovery was said to be 4-6 weeks. We return home to our other 2 children and have a day or rest. My older son tells me he has a pain in his side.....I question him on it and say if not better tomorrow I will have it looked at....well no better so we head off to ER again 3 days after first son went. His white cell count is high but they are not sure..sent him home till morning.....went back for an ulrasound and yup it was scheduled for right away. Turns out it was full of puss and gangreen ahd set in...surgeon could not believe he was not in more a 3 day stay in hosital for him to administer IV antibiotics. Hly cow 2 major surgeries in 4 days....felt like life was spinning out of control.......things are looking up youngest has returned to school moving slowly but doing well. Oldest tried school yesterday but was just wiped out so home again today....he looked so tired today...hopefully they are all better soon.

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