Saturday, May 8, 2010

I guess I missed posting yesterday...quiet day for work but then we had an event to attend in the evening. The dojo we had all trained at some point over the last ten years was closing and it was an evening to thank our sensai and his wife. My oldest had been with them the entire ten years....earning his adult black belt this past march....he had to be 16 to grade for the adult...he had been a junior black belt for 5 years. So a late evening for us.
We wook up this morning to a hail storm and then it has snowed on and off all day...weird weather for sure. My oldest went to town for a clean up group...he ended up spending the morning in a canoe cleaning garbage off the river that flows through town...he also pulled 4 shopping carts out...needless to say he was cold and soaked when he was done. Hubby and I did the weekly grocery,wal mart run while we waited for him to finish. The rest of the day was quiet....watche dTooth Fairy with my boys and made some cards. Tonight I have a fire going and my dd and I are watching the movie Hatchi and crafting.

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