Thursday, May 13, 2010

Wow thurs evening already......have not had a chance to pop by and Blog......trying very hard to get ready for my 1st ever craft type show this weekend. I have 250 cards made which should be okay for this one....I was trying to have a few of everything but still some holes with certain events...oh well maybe next time. I was happy to hear the buisness that sells my cards sold out of Mothers Day cards so will have to restock their shelves after this show. I had a busy week with the daycare too...lots of new little ones so keeps me on my toes.....I am sure by Sun I will just want to stay home in my jammies and rest for the day...weekends just go by too fast. My boys also have thier annual parade for cadets on sat so have to be there for that. I was so proud of my younger son..he got promoted to master bombadier on tues night!!! My oldest was promoted to Warrant a bout 1 month ago and now my hubby is to be promoted to Warrant in the cnd forces this my men are all doing well. It is the start of dance recital rehearsals so the next few weeks will be busy running my dd to her dance nights and then recital weekend.
Well back to the last card prep for sat and to watch some TV....survivor tonight......and my fav's The Mentalist and CSI......

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