Sunday, May 2, 2010

Okay can someone tell me where the weekend went.....So much for sleeping in this morning.....I had our youngest cat Pipsqueak with her wet face in mine at 6am...I don't know what that kitty does when she drinks but she is always soaked. She is not yet 1 year old so always finds plenty of things to get inot or annoys our other 3 cats.....Callie,Snuggles and Chewy. So woke my boys up at 7am since they did not do things they were suppossed to while we were gone yesterday...we don't ask much of our kids but when they don't do as asked it bugs me they had a list of chores to do today...they were good about not whining....and were done by noon. Even cleaned the bathrooms!!! My dd and I headed into town and bought groceries. We stopped at the dollar store so I could get some craft items I needed. I like to get them there if I much cheaper than a craft store. Finally I took my dd to the sports store and got her new running shoes....they had buy one get one 50%off so bought a size up for her to grow into.....the good thing was she liked is so important to young ones these days. Made a pit stop and Tim everyone iced cappachinos to bring home....The rest of the day was spent catching up on the laundry and we washed the car and cleaned it out. I was able to make a few cards today. I have been uploading my cards to craftsuprint and making some money...allows me to buy some more sheets....I have a craft fair on the 15th so trying to stock up for it. Well going to go back to my craft table and watch Amazing Race...more reality TV:)

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