Monday, May 10, 2010

I hope everyone had an awsome Mothers family took me shopping at a craft of my fav things to do.Then out to Timmies for lunch. We came home and I spent the afternnoon crafting in front of the fire. My dd rented a movie for me....Hatchi(sp?) it was such a good movie...a tear jerker...we were both blubbering fools by the end but we both loved it...if you get a chance rent it and buy a box of tissue.
My 1st ever craf type show is this weekend...I have been working like crazy to make sure I have enough variety of cards. I think last count it was over 200 so hopefully there will be something for everyone. I have been taking advantage of uploading my cards on craftuprint and making a little money to buy new sheets....always a good thing......

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